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Mobile Tax Services

Everything is digital nowadays, paper and printing and meetings have been replaced with PDF’s, screens and Video Calls. Why can’t income tax preparation leap into the 21st century? Well now it can. We are pleased to announce our 100% digital and 100% mobile tax preparation services. Our clients have praised us in our ability to complete a full tax return without having to leave their homes. Call or text or read more to learn more about our Mobile Tax Services.

We look forward to helping you with

  • Completing your personal tax return without leaving your house
  • Accessing your T4 slips and other T slips using CRA Represent A Client
  • Filing previous years tax returns for a discounted price
  • Time is valuable, and your weekends are precious, so get back your time by using SMS/WhatsApp to complete your return
  • Mobile/Desktop questionnaire to make your life easier
  • Getting a full summary/copy of your tax return via email for future reference

Give us a call, text, or email today for a confidential consultation about any accounting or tax matters at 647 208 0786 or As an experienced, certified, and licensed accounting firm we can customize a package of services that is priced to keep you competitive in your marketplace while taking the headache out of running your business.

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